Copyright Law

Copyright protection is probably the single most important way for artists to protect and defend their unique artistic contributions. Brooke has represented hundreds of artists, authors, and others in copyright matters. She counsels film makers, publishers, multibillion dollar entertainment companies, manufacturers, nonprofits, standard-setting companies, and other enterprises on protecting their copyrights and fair use of third-party copyrighted works. She registers copyrights, expedites applications, records documents, and performs title searches. She renders opinions on copyrightability, fair use, infringement, ownership and title, notice, security interests, and foreign protection. She also drafts and negotiates agreements involving copyrighted works, including joint-development agreements, licenses, assignments, rights clearance, and distribution agreements. She knows social media and guides her clients through constantly changing best practices.

Brooke has:

  • Stopped a major corporation from using an image of one of her activist artist’s limited edition print in its nationwide print magazine advertising campaign.
  • Stopped a major national newspaper from using her client’s mural in its online, print, and subway platform advertisements.


  • Stopped an automaker, advertising agency, and network broadcaster from depicting her client’s iconic mural in a Super Bowl commercial.
  • Stopped book and other publishers from using unauthorized photographs of her clients’ murals.