Event Production Law

Event production law is a multidisciplinary practice that involves assisting event producers create good relationships with venues; city, state, and federal agencies (depending on the venue); and with their vendors, performers, honored guests, staff, security, and volunteer teams. Brooke served as Outside General Counsel for SPJA which produces Anime Expo, an annual event of around 100,000 in Los Angeles, served as Special Strategic Counsel for Burning Man, and served as Outside General Counsel for San Francisco Pride, an annual event of around a million people, for 15 years. Event production counsel involves assisting event producers with:
  • contract review, advice, and negotiation;
  • venue negotiations;
  • risk management and event crisis planning;
  • licensing of recording and distribution of event performances,
  • collaboration with immigration counsel, agents, performing arts unions, and others for guest appearances;
  • employment law compliance;
  • use of volunteers;
  • advice or assistance with street closure or other permits;
  • collaborating with event security, emergency responders, and law enforcement;
  • event claims evaluation and tendering to insurance carriers.

Brooke can evaluate event insurance coverage and risks, and bring in experts on emergency medical services, risk and loss prevention, employment practices, and emergency response to terrorist threats or incidents, including coordination with law enforcement.