Landmark decision for Visual Artists’ Rights Act claims

Brooke is recognized as one of the nation’s premier litigators of Visual Artists’ Rights Act claims, including the landmark Campusano v. Cort case. Campusano v. Cort, No. C98-3001-MJJ (N.D. Cal 1998).

Brooke represented muralist Chuy Campusano’s heirs and Elias Rocha against a developer who whitewashed the monumental Lilli Ann Mural in the Mission District. She obtained a Temporary Restraining Order, a preliminary injunction, a mandatory injunction, and finally a $200,000 public settlement before a magistrate judge, which was at that time the highest VARA damages award obtained. The unpublished case settled and was covered in law review articles and cited in other cases. Click here for briefs and orders in the case, which are often used as references on VARA by authors and lawyers. Lilli Ann Pleadings Press and other coverage is at SFGate.