Outside General Counsel for Largest Anime Convention in North America

As Outside General Counsel for The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit and producer of Anime Expo (AX), Anime Conji, and Project Anime, Brooke helped Anime Expo grow to nearly 100,000 attendees.

Every year over the Fourth of July weekend, legions of anime and manga fans convene at Anime Expo, elaborately dressed as their favorite anime and manga characters. The City of Los Angeles projects that AX will generate $100 million in revenues for LA. In addition to AX, SPJA’s Project Anime conferences provide industry panels, and anime-related event production and legal education for other anime conference producers in the United States, Japan, Singapore, and the EU. Brooke lead the legal work related to all of SPJA’s events and initiatives, including providing the CEO and Board with effective advice on strategies and their implementation, managing the organization’s legal functions, obtaining and overseeing the work of other outside counsel, and being directly involved in complex business transactions, insurance, and negotiating critical contracts.

Brooke has drafted event policies to cover use of costume weapons that attendees bring to the event, been involved in security and bomb threat protocols in collaboration with the LAPD and other responders, and done legal presentations on topics of relevance to anime conventions at Project Anime. Press and other information can be found on Reuters and NBC. Here’s a great video about Anime Expo.